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Best Wrist Watches for Men

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

What are the Best Watches for Men?

best watches for men 2014

Best Watches for Men 2014

That really depends on his style and how much he can afford on a watch, of course…
Nowadays there are literally thousands and thousands of men’s watches in all prices, colors, designs and styles!
I think guys look great when they wear a good-quality sports watch or casual watch…
My husband usually likes to wear a good quality waterproof sports watch, for example, since he is always on the beach and at the pool on his spare time… so for him it makes sense to wear this kind of watch…
A business man, for example, has to watch a nice professional watch, that will go well with his suit…

Zodiac ZMX Men’s “Special Ops” Stainless Steel Watch with Black Rubber Band

*Special ops watches are among the top quality men’s watches being sold right now! They are very solid, excellent built and look absolutely amazing!

Men love to wear cool wrist watches!

On this page you are going to find the best wrist watches for men being sold right now!
You will only find high-quality pieces beautiful men’s watches that will last for a long time!

A beautiful men’s watch makes an excellent gift idea for husbands as well!
(My husband loves to ‘collect’ them and wear a different one each day… He loves to ‘look cool’!)
I also love to see a guy wearing a beautiful, high-quality sports watch!

I am going to divide the men’s watches on this page in according to price, style, design and quality!
I hope you will enjoy my selections!

Best Men’s Watches under 1000

Citizen “Skyhawk” Titanium Watch

best watches for men

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Skyhawk Titanium Watch

Citizen Men’s JY0010-50E Eco-Drive “Skyhawk A-T” Titanium Watch

This is the Citizen ‘Skyhawk’ titanium men’s watch!
When you first look at it it almost looks like you are staring at a spaceship control table or something…
The Skyhawk men’s watches are actually radio-controlled for time accuracy!
(It makes an excellent gift idea for pilots!)
It is gorgeous!
It is a light-powered watch, which means it charges using the light, either natural light or indoor light!
That is definitely a very cool feature! It is also a water-resistant watch, which is always a great plus when it comes to men’s watches… You know guys… sometimes they can be a little forgetful…
Most buyers agree this is a superb watch and even though it looks big and heavy, it’s also very lightweight to wear! If you are a fan of titanium watches, then give this one a try!

Gorgeous Hamilton Men’s Watch!

Best Wrist Watches for Men!

hamilton black watch for men

Beautiful Black Hamilton Casual Watch for Men

Hamilton Men’s X-Wind Automatic Watch

This is a high-quality, absolutely stunning Hamilton men’s watch!
Everything is beautiful about this watch!
One of the most stylish watches for men without a doubt!

Hamilton is also a great watch brand their watches have been around for over a century!
This is a solid, elegant and very modern high-quality black Hamilton men’s watch for sale!

The black rubber strap makes it very comfortable to wear and I love the day of the week large display at the 9 o’clock position!
It is a beautiful casual watch for men and will also make a wonderful Christmas gift idea for husbands!

Tissot Sports Men’s Watch

Tissot Sports Men's Watch

Tissot Sports Men’s Watch

Tissot Men’s Limited Edition Analog Display Swiss Quartz Red Watch

This Tissot black and red silicone strap men’s watch is perfect for guys looking for a good quality sophisticated sports watch!
It has a gorgeous design!
You can also see the date display at the 3 o’clock position.
(It is also water resistant to 330 feet!)
It looks great on a man’s wrist and will get him lots of compliments!

Best Watches for Men

Casio G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary Initial Blue LIMITED EDITION Gorgeous Men’s Watch for Sale!

Gorgeous Casio mens watch

Casio G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary Initial Blue LIMITED EDITION

Casio G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary Initial Blue LIMITED EDITION (Japan Import)

Casio watches are among the best watches for men period!
First of all they are absolutely gorgeous!
They are very reliable, very stylish and overall less expensive than other brand watches.
This is the Casio G-Shock Japanese blue series watch and it’s stunning!
If you are planning on giving this watch to your husband this Christmas, go for it!
He is gonna love it!

Gorgeous Casio Edifice Infiniti Red Bull Racing Men’s Watch

Best Casio Watches for Men!

Casio Edifice Infiniti Red Bull Racing Men's Watch

Gorgeous Casio Edifice Infiniti Red Bull Racing Men’s Watch

CASIO Men’s Watches EDIFICE Infiniti Red Bull Racing Limited Edition

Casio makes some of the best wrist watches for men!

Casio sports watches are among the most popular watches for men, and they are high-quality watches at good prices!
This is a gorgeous colorful solar radio and waterproof Casio watch for men that is also very tough and it looks great!

One of my favorites from this page!
Men love this Casio watch and it makes a great gift idea for husbands, sons and boyfriends!
I love the cool colors!

Best Men’s Watches under 500

Blue Seiko 2013 Monster Automatic Dive Watch Limited Edition

blue seiko watch for men

Blue Seiko 2013 Monster Automatic Dive Watch Limited Edition

Seiko 2013 Monster Automatic Dive Watch Limited Edition

If you are looking for the best watches for men under 500 dollars, you are going to love this gorgeous blue Seiko Monster watch for sale!
It has an amazing blue color and a very bright fluorescent light and a gorgeous ‘rugged’ look!
You won’t believe the price either!
It is very affordable, considering you are getting a superior high-quality timepiece!
Happy buyers said the picture does not do it justice!
It is even more gorgeous in person!

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Nighthawk Black Watch

best eco watch for men under 500

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Nighthawk Watch

Stunning Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Nighthawk Watch

One of the best characteristics of this amazing ‘Nighthawk’ eco men’s watch, besides looking absolutely gorgeous, is that it converts light into energy!
That’s right!
It doesn’t need a battery!
It is a stunning men’s watch too, all in black, that looks fabulous on a man’s wrist!
Very sexy! 🙂
Great Christmas gift idea for husbands!

Movado Men’s Watch

Best Contemporary Stylish Watches for Men!

Movado Men's watch

Gorgeous Movado Men’s

Gorgeous Movado Men’s “Museum” Stainless Steel and Black Leather Watch

If you want to step away from the sport watches a bit and look for gorgeous and modern men’s watches under 500 dollars, I believe you are going to love this Movado stainless steel black leather men’s watch for sale!
It is very stylish and it looks very fancy!
I love the single dot marking the 12 o’clock position!
Buyers are very happy with its impressive fashionable look!
Makes a great birthday gift idea for husbands, sons, brothers and boyfriends!

Stuhrling Original Men’s Self Wind Brown Watch

The Most Beautiful Wrist Watches for Men!

Stuhrling Original Men's Self Wind Brown Watch

Stuhrling Original Men’s Self Wind Brown Watch

Stuhrling Original Men’s Classic Wild Axis Analog Display Automatic Self Wind Brown Watch

How gorgeous is this brown Stuhrling rectangle watch for men?
It is definitely one of the most beautiful men’s watches around!
And guess what?
It is very affordable too!
I love this modern rectangle shape and the skeleton dial!
It also has a nice chocolate brown rubber strap!
Very cool!
You can never go wrong with the Stührling Original watches, since they have been around for a very long time!
Needless to say this gorgeous watch will make a very nice Christmas gift for your husband ladies!

Michael Kors Gold Men’s Watch

Best Wrist Watches for Men under 500 Dollars

Michael Kors Gold Men's Watch

Beautiful Michael Kors Gold Men’s Watch

Gorgeous Michael Kors Gold Men’s Watch

This is a gorgeous Michael Kors stainless steel gold men’s watch with a black dial color!
I love this color combination!
Very classy watch for men!
Perfect birthday or anniversary gift idea!
I love it!

Best Affordable Men’s Watches under 200 Dollars!

Gorgeous Invicta Men’s Watch

Invicta Mens watch

Invicta Men’s Watch

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Collection Chronograph Black Dial Black Polyurethane Watch

If you are looking for the best and most affordable men’s watches under 200 dollars that look fancy, I highly recommend this stunning Invicta men’s watch for sale!

Invicta watches for men are also a very popular watch brand that creates beautiful, high-quality watches without the steep price!

First of all it is absolutely gorgeous!
It is a big and very attractive men’s watch!
Will definitely stand out!
No doubt about that!

It is water-resistant and it has beautiful colors!
It is a high-performance and very stylish sports men’s watch at a very reasonable price!
Buyers say it is a great watch, even though it is a little on the heavy side…
(But many guys love to wear ‘manly’ big, heavy watches on their wrists…)
I think it looks great!

Tommy Hilfiger Stylish Casual Men’s Watch

My Favorite Best Men’s Watches for Sale!

Tommy Hilfiger mens watch

Very Cool Tommy Hilfiger Sports Watch for Men

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Casual Sport 3-Hand Navy Silicone Strap Watch

I guess you never expected to find a gorgeous designer men’s watch that is affordable right?
This is a very stylish and very cool sports casual Tommy Hilfiger men’s watch for sale!
I love the cool colors!
It is a ‘classy’ sports watch!
I love the silicone strap too!
Must be very comfortable on the wrist!
This cool watch will make an awesome Valentine’s Day gift idea for your boyfriend!

Emporio Armani Brown Leather Band Men’s Watch

Beautiful Designer Watches for Men!

Emporio Armani Brown Leather Band Men's Watch

Emporio Armani Brown Leather Band Men’s Watch

Emporio Armani Men’s Sportivo Analog-Display Quartz Brown Watch

Like I said before, I guess you never imagined you could wear a gorgeous and very stylish Emporio Armani leather watch on your wrist for such an affordable price!
This is a stunning timepiece!
I am absolutely in love with the gorgeous brown leather strap!
Great sports dress watch for men!

Timex Brown Leather Gorgeous Strap Watch for Men!

Timex Mens watch

Gorgeous Timex Chocolate Brown Leather Men’s Watch

Gorgeous Timex Men’s Intelligent Quartz Adventure Series Tide Temp Compass Brown Nubuck Leather Strap Watch

And I definitely saved the best for last!
This is by far the most gorgeous men’s watch in my opinion!
It is a stunning Timex chocolate brown leather men’s watch under 200 dollars!
This chocolate color is absolutely amazing!
Very attractive watch for guys of all ages!
As you probably know, Timex is one of the best-known and most successful American watch companies!
Great choice!
Enjoy your new watch!

*I hope you liked my selections of best wrist watches for men from this page guys!
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