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Best Electric Shavers for Men

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What are the best electric shavers for men with sensitive skin?

Best Electric Shavers for Men

Best Electric Shavers for Men

A huge part in looking good and handsome for guys is having a clean, smooth and nicely shaved face!
(Or if you prefer to have a beard, a nicely trimmed one…)

In my opinion, investing in a great quality electric razor is the way to go!
(I mean, to shave!)

I decided to go on a ‘quest’ today to find out what the best electric shavers for men are and why!
One common denominator among them is making the skin as smooth as possible!
Another important thing to consider is buying one that says it won’t irritate the skin.
(There is nothing worse for a guy than have their face full of cuts and red bumps after shaving…)

After doing a lot of research I came to the conclusion that there are 3 great brands of electric shavers for men out there!
Here they are!

*These also make great gift ideas for men on any occasion, ladies!
(Specially if you love your guy with a nice and smooth face!) 🙂

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver

Best Electric Razors for Men!

Best Electric Razors for Men

Best Electric Razors for Men

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver with Clean&Charge Station, Electric Men’s Razor

I decided to start with this one because it’s a quite popular electric shaver for men!
One of its best features is called ‘intelligent’ Sonic technology, which is supposed to automatically increase power when you use on areas of our face that have more dense and coarse hair, that it is usually pretty difficult to shave…
Another reason that makes this shaver so popular and definitely one of the best electric shavers for men out there is the fact that provides a very close shave, almost like a manual blade.
Then why not just use a regular blade, right?
Because with blades your chances of getting bad looking bleeding cuts are much bigger than with a nice electric razor and also shavers are way faster too!
(You also don’t need to worry about shaving cream, gels, etc…)
*Actually it is recommended that you use your electric shaver before washing your face, for the best results!

Overall this is a great shaver that is very portable, easy to clean, fun to use and that gives great results, leaving the skin nice and smooth with no irritation!
(Of course it takes practice at first. If this is your first time using an electric shaver, I recommend starting on a very small area first, until you get the hang of it…)

Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor

Wet or Dry Electric Shaver for Men!

Wet or Dry Electric Shaver for Men

Wet or Dry Electric Shaver for Men

If you are looking for a great cordless electric shaver for men that can be used wet or dry that is also gentle on the skin you might want to consider the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Wet/Dry Shaver!
Many guys (including my husband) prefer shaving in the shower, to save time!
This shaver gives an amazing close shave!
It has four hypoallergenic blades, at 30 degrees, which are very efficient.
(You can also use this shaver in a circular motion if you prefer… many guys like shaving with electric razors this way…)
It charges in about one hour and it’s very comfortable to use!

*I also like the ‘look’ of this Panasonic shaver!
It looks ‘stylish’ doesn’t it?
It also comes with a nice travel pouch!

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

Best Electric Shavers for Men!

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver review

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8950/90, Special Wet & Dry Edition

This is the one that my husband has.
He got it as a gift from a friend and at first he was a little skeptical in trying an electric shaver, specially that he is so used to shaving ‘the old fashioned way and has been doing so for the past 40 years…

He had a blast with it!
This thing is FUN!
As you can see it has three shaving heads and they ‘move’ in several directions as you shave, to make sure you are getting everywhere!
It’s also very easy to use and it gives a super close shave as well, almost as perfect as a regular manual blade…
(He still uses those from time to time…)
If you have real tough facial hair, just keep going over the problem area until you are satisfied…
His face always feels ultra-smooth after he is done and I am also pleased! 🙂

*My husband also likes to keep a beard from time to time, as he says it makes him look more ‘manly’, even though I prefer guys with a clean face…
Anyways, another great feature of this fun electric shaver is the SmartClick beard styler, that trims the beard just the way you like it!

*A few extra-tips on how to use your new electric shaver:

-Be realistic. The very first time you use your new electric shaver you will probably be disappointed.
It takes time and practice to get the hang of it!
Don’t give up after just a few tries!

-It’s all about angles!
Each face is different, each man has different facial hair texture.
When you find your ‘perfect angle’ you will be gold!
(I mean, smooth on the face! 🙂

-Keep your shaver clean!
(This one should be a no brainer, but I thought I would throw it out there…)

-If you really love shaving while taking a shower, just go with the best wet shaver you can find and have fun!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of the top 3 best electric shavers for men from this page and were also able to pick one for yourself or your husband! 🙂
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