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About Fancy Guys

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

Best Men’s Fashion! (From a woman’s perspective)

fancy guys

Men’s Real Shearling Sheepskin Leather Warm Duffle Trench Merino Coat

FancyGuys is a fashion website for men created by a Girly Woman who loves to see guys in the best accessories possible!

If you are a guy with style and are looking for the best high-quality accessories for men such as the gorgeous winter coats, (just like this one you see in the picture), winter jackets, beautiful men’s wallets, high-quality watches, western boots, men’s jewelry and more stick around!

I think more and more guys are concerned about their looks and their accessories.
I really enjoy a guy who takes care of himself and wear nice stuff!

Spanish Merino Fur Sheepskin Belted Pea Coat Long Duffle Coat

The model on the picture is wearing a gorgeous sheepskin leather coat.

A gorgeous fancy coat like this one will make any man look ten times more handsome!

Everything you see here was chosen by a woman! 🙂

*All men’s clothes and accessories displayed on this website were selected based on research done online and my personal opinion. I happen to like men who dress ‘nice’. I don’t mean to offend anyone, especially other men who disagree with this kind of style. It is a personal preference. 

Fancy Guys wear Gorgeous Leather Jackets!

cool leather jacket for men

Men’s Shearling B3 Flight Sheepskin Aviator Winter Coat Fur Bomber Leather Jacket

Sheepskin Aviator Winter Coat Fur Bomber Leather Jacket

A gorgeous high-quality leather jacket can make guys look so handsome!
It makes all the difference!
Besides they will last for a lifetime!

*Best Coats for Men! (These are beyond sexy…)

Men’s Top Gun Movie Bomber Jacket

cool aviator jacket for men

Aviator Pilot Removable Fur Collar Bomber Leather Jacket

Brown Fur Collar Bomber Faux Leather Jacket

Fancy guys also wear fancy, gorgeous, sexy jackets, of course! 🙂
This one is not only fancy, but also sexy, cool, and very hot, gorgeous Top Gun style men’s jacket!

*Best Leather Jackets for Men! (Fancy guys can’t go wrong wearing one of these…)

Fancy Leather Wallet

nice wallets for men

Italian Leather Wallet

Bosca Men’s Wallet, Old Leather Credit Wallet with I.D. Passcase, Amber

Nothing beats a gorgeous and classy leather wallet! A good quality leather wallet is not only a great accessory for guys, but it will last for a long time!
It’s a one-time investment! This beautiful genuine Italian leather wallet is available in four stunning colors.

Gorgeous Men’s Watch

beautiful men's watch for sale

Luxury Sapphire Crystal Business Dress Wristwatch

OUPINKE Automatic Men’s Watches Blue Skeleton Mechanical Self-Winding Tourbillon

Call me vain, but I still love to see guys wearing gorgeous watches… I think it’s hot! Whenever you buy a high-quality item, such as this gorgeous men’s watch in this picture, you know you will be getting something that will last for many, many years and won’t give you any problems.

This is what FancyGuys is all about!
Men who love to wear only the best and look their best!
Not only for their ladies but for themselves…

Beautiful Leather Boots for Men

Fancy Leather Boots for Men

Gorgeous Leather Boots for Men

FRYE Men’s Harness 12R Boot,Gaucho,12 M US

We all know the power that a pair of high-quality shoes have!

I love a guy wearing a gorgeous pair of leather boots!

They go well with a nice pair of jeans and a beautiful leather coat.
(I love this ‘vintage’ look!)
Very sexy!)

*Best Western Cowboy Boots for Men! (I love a guy wearing a nice and sexy pair of cowboy boots!)

Fancy Sunglasses for Men

classy sunglasses for men

Ray-Ban Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Classic Aviator Sunglasses, Legend Gold/Polarized Black, 58 mm

Of course, stylish fancy guys also love to wear (and they look great!) fancy sunglasses!

A fancy pair of men’s sunglasses is one of the most important accessories for fancy guys!
(Guys love to have at least three pairs: a cool pair of sports sunglasses, one pair of aviators, and another stylish pair of black sunglasses…)

This is a beautiful pair of aviator sunglasses for men!
It has a very simple but very classy design!
Will make any guy look fancy wearing those!

*Best Sunglasses for Men! (These are my top favorite fancy men’s sunglasses being sold…)

Good Men’s Cologne

masculine scent perfume for men

Diesel Only The Brave Eau De Toilette Spray Cologne for Men

Fancy guys LOVE to smell their best, and they should!

We, women, LOVE guys wearing good quality and sexy colognes!
(What attracted me first to my husband was how wonderful he always smelled!)

Do not be afraid to invest in a nice cologne guys!
It makes all the difference!

Diesel Only The Brave Eau De Toilette Spray Cologne for Men, 6.7 Ounce

*This is a very ‘”masculine”, amazing-smelling, and very sexy elegant men’s cologne that you can wear day or night. It will drive the ladies wild! the bottle also looks incredible! 🙂

Men’s Sterling Siver Beautiful Bracelet

nice bracelet for men

Sterling Silver Byzantine Bracelet for Men

kuzzoi 925 Sterling Silver Byzantine Bracelet for Men

Fancy guys also love to wear fancy bracelets, such as this gorgeous sterling silver bracelet for men!
I think they look super sexy on a guy’s wrist…
Great impressive gift idea for husbands too ladies! 🙂

Men’s Genuine Leather Vintage Duffle Bag

Men's Genuine Leather Vintage Duffle Bag

Men’s Genuine Leather Vintage Duffle Bag

Fancy guys carry fancy leather luggage when traveling, of course! 🙂
This is a really nice genuine leather vintage style leather duffle bag for a short weekend trip!
(These also make great gift ideas for frequent travelers!)

*Bottom line:

Fancy Guys are men who enjoy looking their best at all times!
They love wearing high-quality clothes, shoes and accessories, wearing the best colognes and looking cool!
There is nothing wrong with that!
Like I said before, I really appreciate guys that take care of themselves!
(The same way that men appreciate how women take care of themselves.)
Being a ‘fancy guy’ in my opinion is a lifestyle!
I hope you will enjoy this website as much as I did creating it!

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  • Kevin Kwan

    Can I check if your items are sold in any departmental stores in the United States? There’s a bracelet that I really want and I’m wondering if it’s available offline.

    • Fancy Guys Website Creator

      I’m sorry, I couldn’t answer your question. I usually only recommend stuff sold online. Thanks for visiting!

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